Sublime (2006)

by Jaya Lakshmi

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Jaya Lakshmi

Your donations are such a blessing to my artistic heart endeavors!! If you are so inspired, please feel free to donate more. I am always working on the next album and your contributions will help me greatly. Thank you so much!

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Blissful Ancient Mantras - With a voice like an angel, Jaya Lakshmi has entranced audiences at her legendary live shows for years. Her creative mix of global folk, ambient trance-grooves and lush layered vocals captures the essence of traditional chants from India in a fresh new way. SUBLIME, produced by Steve Gordon (Buddha-Lounge, Sacred Earth Drums), expands upon Lakshmi's gifts tenfold, capturing the intrinsic beauty of centuries old mantras and pairing them with hypnotic electronica grooves that push the boundaries of the genre in enticing directions. Imagine rich, passionate vocals floating in a sea of trance-inducing ambience and tabla rhythms that are perfectly integrated with hypnotic trip-hop beats; while bamboo flute, sarod and guitar add richness and melody. Featuring acclaimed world music artists, such as Daniel Paul (Jai Uttal), Manose (Deva Premal) and Deva Priyo (Lost at Last), SUBLIME will add a whole new dimension to your yoga, relaxation and chilling.

Your donations are such a blessing to our artistic heart endeavors!! If you are so inspired, please feel free to donate more. We are already working on our next album and your contributions will help us greatly. Any donation over $20 and you will be the first to receive our next CD. Thank you so much.

$11.11-Shanti (Peace) Donation
$15.15-Prema (Love) Donation
$21.21-Shakti (Divine Feminine Creative Power)Donation
$31.31-Deva/Devi (God/Goddess) Donation
$41.41-Raj (Royal) Donation
$51.51-Maha (Grand/Infinite) Donation
$108-Maha Raj (Infinitely Royal) Donation!!


released January 1, 2006

Jaya Lakshmi: lead and background vocals, 12-string guitar, nylon string guitar, harmonium, kartals, shakers
Deva Priyo: sarod,Spanish guitar,lead 12-string guitar on Sri Vrndavan
Daniel Paul: tabla
Manose: bansuri flute
Luna Marcis: background vocals on Radhe Shymasundari and Jai Ma
Bobby Cochran: Keyboards, Bass, Electric Guitar, Drum and percussionc programming
Steve Gordon: electric guitar, keyboards, drum and percussion programming

Produced by Steve Gordon and Jaya Lakshmi
Additional Production and programming by Bobby Cochran
Mixed, enguneered and mastered by Steve Gordon at Sequoia Studios N
Production Consultant: David Gordon

Published Reviews

Daily OM
A treasure among kirtan (yogic group chant) singers, Jaya Lakshmi, from Hawaii, crafts elegant, emotional, and musically diverse songs that celebrate the divine. She blends traditional chants with electronic and Indian acoustic instruments, sampling and layering vocals to create a mood that glows with pink-and-blue cloud-style joy. For Sublime she works with noted world-music producer Steve Gordon to widen her sonic palette toward vast electronic expanses and beauty. Longtime collaborator Deva Priyo accompanies her on classical guitar and sarod, and Daniel Paul contributes some excellent tabla passages.

Opener "Brahma Shanti" finds Lakshmi singing the kirtan over a slow tempo with Priyo's warm classical guitar brooding beside her, providing a nice solo amid sitar and flute. "Sri Vrndavan" turns an ancient chant into a complexly layered harmony-based pop song, with a chorus section of glittering sitars and swirling Indian flutes. Lakshmi's voice is layered with pitches that blend into the slowly squiggling synthesizer drones until breath and machine are one, and all flows into a beautiful perfumed now full of love and energy.

The perfect album for listeners who want to infuse the divine love of yogic chant into their daily life, Lakshmi's music can pass for adult alternative rock in the mellow female-vocalist vein. But it functions equally well as meditation background and ideally for yoga practice and chant. The closing track is the beautiful "Prema Dharma," which finds Lakshmi's beautiful voice wandering alongside wispy melancholy on Priyo's flamenco-flavored classical-guitar fret runs, shakers, and the moody violin of guest musician Ananta. In the liner notes, Lakshmi encourages listeners to chant along with the album: "Listen to the sounds and open your heart and voice to divine love and beauty, the kind that outlasts time itself." With the help of some open-hearted musical friends, Lakshmi is able to use her sweet and gentle voice to open the door in your heart where you've been hiding that secret flower of the divine. All you have to do is let it come out, and join Lakshmi and friends in the warm light of pure love.

New Age Retailer
Sublime is an album by Jaya Lakshmi, produced by Steve Gordon. It is a mix of traditional Indian chants (Sanskrit mantras) and new age music, with the beautiful voice of Jaya Lakshmi. The beat is also nice, especially on the two last tracks, the dance version of Radhe Shymasundari and fast version of Jai Ma. I like the acoustic feel of the album, with the sound of sitar and sarod. As always, Steve Gordon knows what he is doing and has produced yet another fine album.

Music Design In Review
With her third solo album for Sequoia Records, angelic chant singer Jaya Lakshmi once again delves into the subtle beauty of Sanskrit mantras, this time with more intricate grooves, courtesy of producer Steve Gordon, and smooth, downbeat rhythmic elements. SUBLIME lives up to its name in terms of the atmosphere it produces; the album has a dreamy, serene vibe that uses Indian folk and spiritual music to give the music depth, while Lakshmis lush layered vocals give her chants a mesmerizing ethereal effect. The trancescapes offer a mix of Eastern and Western instrumentation, including acoustic guitar, percussion, keyboard effects, bansuri flute, sitar, harmonium and tabla, which come together to form a perfect synergy of emotion and groove. Sanskrit mantras never sounded so sweet!

All-Music Guide
Jaya Lakshmi's Sublimethe beats are straightforward and gently funky, the bass lines are faintly reggae-flavored, and the vocals are richly layered and beautifully sung. Lakshmi's voice is unusually lovely, and tracks like Shiva Shankara and especially the melodically inventive Om Gurave showcase it beautifully.
— Rick Anderson

Steve Ryals, Syndicated Music Reviewer
I've been a passionate fan of Jaya Lakshmi's music since her time as the lead vocalist of the seminal world fusion group Lost at Last. Her soaring yet earth-centered vocals effortlessly transmit an intoxicating, exhilarating connection with Source. In the last several years, first with Ocean of Mercy and then with Jewel of Hari, Jaya came into her own as an artist. Now, with Sublime, she has taken another leap into the heart of the Mother, using her voice to offer her heart in devotional service.

A hugely talented multi-instrumentalist, for Sublime Jaya also composed and arranged the music and created a modified translation of much of the lyrics from Sanskrit. She has updated ancient Sanskrit mantras for a Western ear in the 21st century, combining sensuous world beat rhythms with transcendent paeans in a language that was old before Buddha. Listening to Sublime is like walking through a grove of sacred redwoods or lingering in a rose garden on a spring day. Whenever I put Sublime on the stereo, I can feel myself relax as my heart softens and my mood lightens. Truly, this is sacred music.

Sublime features a host of stellar musicians in addition to Jaya, who plays guitar, harmonium, kartals (cymbals) and shakers in addition to her evocative and inspiring singing. An old friend, the incomparable Daniel Paul, adds his signature Tabla drumming, while Manose, a Nepalese flute master, weaves in the Bansuri flute. Yoko Silk plays cello, Ananta de Tally adds violin, and multi-instrumentalist Deva Priyo contributes Sarod, Spanish and 12-string guitars. Another friend, Bobby Cochran, plays keyboards, bass, electric guitar as well as drum and percussion programming. Luna Marcus contributes background vocals on a couple of tracks, while Steve Gordon, one of the founders of Sequoia Records also contributes electric guitar, keyboards and more drum and percussion programming.

While fans of Jaya Lakshmi are no doubt celebrating the release of Sublime, it is also perfect for fans of Deva Premal, Rasa, Krishna Das and other chant masters. A treat for the senses as well as the soul, Sublime is, well, sublime.

iTunes Editorial
The beats are gently funky, the bass lines are faintly reggae flavored, and the vocals are richly layered and beautifully sung. Lakshmi's voice is unusually lovely, and tracks like "Shiva Shankara" and especially the melodically inventive "Om Gurave" showcase it beautifully.


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Jaya Lakshmi Oregon

Jaya Lakshmi began leading kirtan and writing her own devotional songs in the early 1990′s. She went on to create 4 solo chant albums and became the lead singer of the tribal-trance band Lost at Last (West Coast USA, 1997-2004). In 2010 she joined forces with Ananda Yogiji. In just over 6 years, they have released 11 mantra albums and have toured extensively throughout the western USA. ... more


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